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Supporting a scholarship program is a great way to honor a graduating high school senior. Futures scholarships are based on academic achievement, extra curricular activities and community service. Some are based on financial need.
- Futures of Prairie du Chien Mission Statement

Who is Futures of Prairie du Chien, WI, Inc.?
FUTURES of Prairie du Chien, WI, Inc. is a tax exempt, nonprofit foundation founded in 1992 by a group of concerned Prairie du Chien High School graduates. Its purpose, to establish an endowment for graduating seniors pursuing excellence through continuing education, has been achieved. We now need to grow. Everyone can be part of FUTURES.

The FUTURES of Prairie du Chien, WI, Inc. Board does work closely with the school officials and uses the high school as the corporate address, but we are a corporation totally separate from the school district. We rate students independently for our scholarships based on data obtained from the student, school district and the community.

What is Futures of Prairie du Chien, WI, Inc.?
The purpose of Futures of Prairie du Chien is to award scholarships on the basis of outstanding achievement in high school by financially assisting students to continue their pursuit of excellence in continuing education.

As a nonprofit institution, FUTURES of Prairie du Chien, WI, Inc. was established to accept gifts in support of its goals and objectives.

The foundation's goal is to increase the number and amount of scholarships already available to Prairie du Chien High School graduation seniors. Dependent upon funds available, scholarships will be offered for college and/or vocational technical education.

Why is Futures of Prairie du Chien needed?
Rising costs of post high school education, coupled with the greater need for continuing education by all future members of the working world, prompted a group of Prairie High School graduates to help turn dreams of future graduates into realities.

What has Futures of Prairie du Chien achieved?

After achieving its corporate and tax exempt status in 1992, the Board gave its first $500 scholarship in May of 1994 and has established objective criteria on which to evaluate the scholarship applicants.

FUTURES has raised sufficient funds from past graduates, friends and businesses in the community to give 420 scholarships to Prairie du Chien High School seniors totaling over $400,000 from the earnings.

How is success assured?

With ongoing participation and support by the community and graduates, increased scholarships can continually be offered by Futures of Prairie du Chien.

Board of Directors

Kyle Teynor – President

Tyler Kozelka – Vice President
Email | 608.412.0516

Megan Pedretti – Treasurer


| 608.326.4680

Randy Bushnell – Secretary
Email | 608.412.2532

Lindsey Ariss – Asst. Treasurer

Email | 608.306.0519

Denise Hanson

Email | 608.712.2367

Barb Myers

Email | 608.326.4706

Bob Sutton

Email | 608.778.2725

Jane Bushnell


Mary Emmrich
Email | 704.458.2633

Morris McFarlane - President Emeritus

Meeting Schedule

Futures of Prairie du Chien meet multiple times during the school year in an effort to coordinate, organize, and plan for awarding scholarship during Prairie du Chien School's annual Class Night.

Futures of Prairie du Chien meets at 4:30pm at Peoples State Bank in Riverside Square (and/or by Zoom).

Contact US

Questions about the application process? Interested in donating or being part of Futures of Prairie du Chien? Reach out directly to a board member by calling or sending an email listed above. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about the process, or how to donate to Futures of Prairie du Chien!

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